Artist Statement



Margaret Regan lives in Helena, Montana. As a child in Billings, Montana, she played near the sandstone bluffs that encircle the city, turning over rocks to search for bugs and stringing yucca seed necklaces. She always loved making small-scale things and spent long summer afternoons constructing fairy stone-and-stick houses. These childhood interests resurface in her polymer work, which is playful, detailed and occasionally insect-inspired.

Polymer is a good fit for her. She says, "To work in a colored, sculptural medium is a joy. Imagine, saturated color so thick and luscious you can roll it into a ball. The material gives me so much--instant texture, infinite color, all the detail I desire, and the opportunity to write my own text.
Polymer is blindingly recent in the history of craft media. Its relative newness on the art scene means that there is not an ancient tradition of use. The basic properties and possibilities of polymer are still being discovered. What a thrill to be an explorer!"