About Margaret Regan



I love the float and drift of dreams, where familiar objects appear in new settings, and our lives are revealed in visual metaphor. The ability to alter context is a gift: known with novel, commonplace with improbable. Scale and weight and location are all up for grabs. In my work, I revel in these open-ended possibilities.
The medium I use for my explorations is polymer clay, a man-made modeling material. After "tuning" the clays for color, strength, and consistency, I puzzle-piece together patterned blocks of clay. My process is similar to the centuries-old millefiori techniques of glass makers. Stretching the clays lengthwise reduces the pattern, and piece by piece I create intricate designs of brilliant clay. I additionally use sterling silver and pure gold leaf. My designs are not painted but are a combination of colored polymer clay and precious metal leaf.
I am an innovator in this medium and have pioneered techniques that I now teach nationally. I am engaged in all aspects of the work, from initial design to final sanding. Using the sculptural properties of polymer clay allows me to create jewelry rich in color, texture and visual dimension.